Stage Hypnosis Videos

“Learn the secrets of stage hypnosis inductions and skits with these powerful stage hypnosis videos.”

What does it take to do a stage hypnosis show? Can you learn from stage hypnosis videos or a home study course? I think you’d be surprised how easy it is. Believe it or not, it’s more about having basic skills and doing things right than it is about fancy-shmancy, ultra-complex techniques. You can learn these basic skills from

Stage hypnosis is one of those things you could spend years learning how to do on your own or you can go to an expert who can teach you in a short time. The expert I recommend is Geoffrey Ronning of Stage Hypnosis Center.

Geoff has a set of stage hypnosis videos that can help you to “pro” status faster than any other resource I’ve seen. His EKG Induction stage hypnosis video is one of a kind. It’s the induction Geoff has put together from years of doing stage hypnosis and hypnotizing over 15,000 people. In this hypnosis DVD (VHS, not available in PAL) Geoff shows you his proprietary, secret induction that has been his “ace in the hole” for years. You get to see how he adapts this incredibly powerful and entertaining induction for different audiences. It’s more than just an explanation (although you get that too) it’s live, real and in action. You also get comprehensive written materials along with it.

The EKG Induction

How about the rest of the show? How do you do a pre-talk? What skits should you do? Well, Geoff lays it out for you in his distance learning course. These stage hypnosis videos are a complete recording of one of Geoff’s live trainings. You’ll get to learn exactly what the students there learned at a substantial discount. These are the secrets of stage hypnosis as told by a full-time professional stage hypnotist – and a successful one at that!

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Stage hypnosis videos (in DVD format) teach you how to be a stage hypnotist