Stage Hypnosis School

“How to choose a stage hypnosis school.”

What’s the best stage hypnosis school? I get a lot of questions about this.

I think it depends on these things…

Is the person teaching the course a full time stage hypnotist or is this a part-time thing for them?

Obviously, someone with more experience is the better bet. Recent experience (not someone who did it 20 years ago) is even better. After all, markets change. Believe me, there are a lot of organizations out there claiming to be stage hypnosis schools that have done just a few shows. Usually they are hypnotherapists or magicians who do stage work on the side.

Does the stage hypnosis school offer marketing help as well as performance help?

Look, the hypnosis skills are one thing but marketing is quite another. Your stage hypnosis school should have materials that teach you both. If you don’t get the gigs, all the hypnotic skills in the world won’t help. And if you get the shows but don’t have the hypnosis skills, all the booking expertise in the world won’t get you a repeat gig. Stage hypnosis instruction is so much more than just teaching you a rapid induction, a few skits and then sending you out into the world.

Here’s a set of questions I’d use to filter out any wanna bes.

  • How long have you been doing stage hypnosis?
  • How many shows (approx.) have you done?
  • Does your course include information on marketing materials and how to book shows?
  • What is your primary source of income?

Here are my personal recommendations…

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