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“Reviews of Geoffrey Ronning and Stage Hypnosis Center’s live and home-study stage hypnosis instruction courses.”

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I had a unique opportunity to look deeply into the world of stage hypnosis instruction over this last weekend. You see, I’ve always been interested in stage hypnosis. By trade, I’m a hypnotherapist/nlp dude and certified hypnosis instructor with the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy. I’ve taught lots of folks from all over the world how to be hypnotherapists.

But to tell you the truth, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by stage hypnosis. I’ve never really done any except for fun little demonstrations I sometimes do in my courses. I’ve been around enough to know that there’s a world of difference between therapy and performing. While many of the hypnosis skills are the same, the performing skills are quite different than what I do in my office!

So when my hypno-buddy Geoffrey Ronning called me up and asked me to help out with a couple of his shows I said “yes” immediately. It turns out that Geoff’s usual assistant (his lovely wife Wendy) would be unavailable to help him with three shows he was doing over the weekend.

So why was this important to me? Well, I could check out if Geoff walked his talk. You see, I’ve created a few hypnosis/nlp related products with Geoff. I intimately know his training style, his belief in delivering good, solid, practical information people can use and his ability to put things in ways people can easily understand. I’m very familiar with his live and video-based stage hypnosis instruction products.

But what I didn’t have much experience with was seeing Geoff work a stage show. This time I could see if he actually used what he teaches.

First up…

I got to see how Geoff’s secrets for getting volunteers from a non-responsive audience work. During the first gig, after the usual encouragement for volunteers, almost no one volunteered. This is the biggest fear of your average stage hypnotist. Geoff put his “what happens if nobody comes up” plan into effect and got his chair to fill up pronto. Good sign, it worked just like he teaches in his stage hypnosis instruction material.

How does Geoff’s world famous EKG stage hypnosis induction stack up in real life? Well, one of the things he teaches is that you must adapt it (and the rest of your show) to different audiences. I got to see him adapt it and his skits three different times! Some audiences are more conservative, some are willing to have more fun. If you pick the wrong induction or do the wrong skits you run the risk of losing that audience. At any rate, the inductions worked great in all three cases.

I could go on, but the point is this. When it comes to stage hypnosis instruction, Geoffrey Ronning knows what he’s talking about. I’d recommend his stage hypnosis instruction whether you are interested in learning through live training or stage hypnosis video instruction.

I believe in it so much I put up this web site to promote it! You can learn more about Geoff’s courses from the links below.

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