Stage Hypnosis Inductions

“Rapidly and effectively hypnotize groups with a powerful group stage hypnosis induction.”

Stage hypnosis inductions and group hypnosis inductions. Learn to induce trance with groups.

Are you a stage hypnotist or a hypnotherapist who wants to hypnotize groups? Would you like to learn a professional, rapid stage hypnosis induction that will keep your audience entertained while you perform it?

Do you want to…

Do stage shows

Entertain your friends

Do group therapeutic session for smoking, weight loss or other problems

To accomplish any of this you need a powerful, quick group induction. Believe me, an effective stage hypnosis induction with a room full of people is quite different than doing it one on one.

If you think through your favorite induction, you’ll realize there’s probably several reasons why it won’t work as a stage hypnosis induction (or a seminar group induction).

Here’s some things you may have to eliminate, reduce or alter…

* Long, progressive relaxation inductions

* Verbal feedback from your trance subjects (counting out loud doesn’t work too well, for instance)

* Any technique that requires much time spent with an individual

* Techniques that may vary greatly in how long they take to accomplish (you can’t have 7 people’s arms floating up quickly waiting for one guy who’s arm takes ten minutes to lift of his leg)

* Non-visually interesting techniques (Who want to sit in the audience and watch someone think about something? The subjects must move or do something visually interesting or you’ll lose the audience.)

There are several ways you can approach this situation. You can think through your favorite induction and imagine how it will work with a group. Then you can change any aspects of the induction that take too long or are not entertaining. Then go out and try it out – adapt it via trial and error.

You can read about inductions specially designed for groups. There are plenty of them out there on the net. Just search for “hypnotizing groups,” “group inductions” or “stage hypnosis induction.”

Or you can check out Stage Hypnosis Center’s EKG induction. Geoffrey Ronning of Stage Hypnosis center is a full-time professional stage hypnotist who has hypnotized over 15,000 people. I’ve seen him in action – he’s got it down. Over the years he’s come up with a fast-paced, entertaining induction by combining techniques from some of the most powerful hypnotic inductions on the planet.

He’s got it down to a science and fine tuned the induction. He’s made it adaptable so that you can alter it based on what kind of group you’ve got. It’s the most effective and entertaining stage hypnosis induction I’ve seen.

Learn a Powerful Stage Hypnosis Induction (works for seminars groups too)