Stage Hypnosis Courses

“Stage Hypnosis Courses: Home-study, video based training and live instruction for stage hypnotists and those who want to be.”

When considering stage hypnosis courses, I think there’s several things to consider. One big decision is what type of course you want to take. Do you want to do a home-study video based stage hypnosis training or do you want to do a live training?

Each has its advantages. With home study stage hypnosis courses, you can review the materials time and time again. Usually the home study versions are discounted from the cost of the live trainings.

On the other hand, a live training can offer feedback, right on the spot. Nothing can replace the feedback of a professional.

Speaking of professional, this kind of trainings is best provided by someone who works full time in the field. Believe me, there’s a lot of people who barely have one show under their belts that are out there teaching courses.

Geoffrey Ronning and Stage Hypnosis Center is a full time professional stage hypnotist. It’s what he does. Geoff and his wife Wendy (who also books the shows, runs the sound as is an invaluable part of Geoff’s success) have put together some great courses. If you want to learn the secrets of stage hypnosis I’d suggest you pop on over and take a look and some of the stage hypnosis video clips on their site.

Live Stage Hypnosis Courses

Home Study Stage Hypnosis Course