Book Stage Hypnosis Shows

“How to easily make loads of cash with these simple booking strategies.”

I’ve had the chance to go with my friend Geoffrey Ronning to several of his shows. I’ve been to a whole range of shows from corporate to county fairs (you wouldn’t believe the money you can make for these little shows).

I’ve sat in his office and listened while Geoff’s wife Wendy answers the calls and books stage hypnosis shows right on the spot. Once you get the machine rolling, repeat customers can generate easy money, year after year.

I’ve seen Geoff’s calendar – he’s booked solid. I even traveled with him when he did two shows in one night. There are times of the year when he has to farm out shows to other performers because he has more than he can handle!

How can this be true? I’ve heard lots of stories about how hard it is to get these shows.

There are lots of gigs available but not if you don’t know how to get them. In fact, there are a lot of struggling hypnotists out there working for peanuts. What’s the difference?

Geoff has simple but highly effective booking strategies for each market. School bookings, frats, fairs, corporate – they’re all lucrative and easy to book if you know how. And it doesn’t cost much to get your marketing and booking machines rolling and get the dough rolling in.

All you have to do is implement his systems and consistently follow through. Geoff guarantees you’ll make an EXTRA $44,900.00 in the next year alone! You’ll probably pay for this valuable information with just one or two bookings – the rest of the income is gravy.


Find out how to book stage hypnosis shows here.