Back of Room (BOR)

Attention Professionals and Those Who Want to Be: Back of Room (BOR) Sales for Stage Hypnotists Can Dramatically Increase Your Earnings

“Make more money with stage hypnosis with a step-by-step bor (Back of Room) sales system.”

If you’ve been in any kind of live performance or seminar business for any length of time, you know back of the room sales are where it’s at. Many speakers, seminar leaders and yes, stage hypnotists add significantly to their income with BOR.

BOR – What is it?

For those of you who don’t know, “back of room” sales refers to stuff you sell (usually from the back of the room) when you’re done performing. As a stage hypnotist, you have a tremendously powerful platform from which to market. People have just seen you do amazing things, they’ve just experienced the power of stage hypnosis. You don’t have to convince them of its power – they know it works. Do you think those folks might need some help with, let’s see… weight loss, for instance?

BOR can instantly make you more money – with almost no extra work on your part. Some stage hypnotists offering BOR refuse to talk about their techniques and how much extra money they generate.

Stage Hypnosis Center offers a complete back of room sales system with a real, honest-to-goodness back of the room presentation recorded live at a stage hypnosis show. Check it out here.

Stage Hypnosis BOR System